Taxibus service


Taxibus service : a supplementary service to better serve our passengers

What is the taxibus service?

The taxibus is an on-call public transit service implemented by CITSO (Conseil intermunicipal de transport du SudOuest) to supplement bus service in areas where buses do not run outside of peak hours. As such, passengers can use the taxibus to transfer to bus routes 31 and 32. Passengers using the taxibus service in the Industrial Park will transfer to the bus routes in service at the intersection of Saint-Francis and Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Pétro-Canada).

Guidelines for the supplementary CITSO taxibus service


The passenger must make a reservation or modification at least one hour prior to the departure time indicated in the regular bus schedule for routes 31 or 32 (highlighted in yellow);

All reservations must be made by the passenger; under no circumstances may a bus driver make a taxibus reservation.

Details to provide

When making a reservation, a passenger must give his/her name, telephone number, bus stop number, payment method, and pick-up time.

A passenger who wishes to travel using a monthly OPUS card must first register the card with the CITSO office by calling 450 698-3030.


A passenger who wishes to cancel a reservation must call the taxibus service at least 30 minutes before the departure time, and give his/her name, and the date and time of the reservation he/she wishes to cancel. A passenger who does not show up at the bus stop without first having cancelled his/her reservation will be penalized. After three offences, CITSO may revoke a passenger’s taxibus privileges.

Wait time at the stop
A passenger must be at the stop at least five minutes before the time indicated by the CITSO taxibus dispatcher, and allow for a 15-minute wait after the scheduled arrival time (to account for the fact that the passenger may not be the first pick-up or may be travelling with other riders).

Passengers will be picked up and dropped off only at designated bus stops.

Smoking in the vehicles is prohibited.

Drivers are not permitted to accept gratuities.

Territory covered
Travel is permitted only between the D’Anjou/Saint-Joseph stop and a service area, or between a service area and the D’Anjou/Saint-Joseph stop (except for the Industrial Park sector); no stops will be made along the route.

Adults accompanied by a small child must sit in the back seat of the vehicle, secure the child with the vehicle’s seatbelt, or place the child in the car seat provided (installed by the parent); passengers must mention that they will be travelling with a small child when making their reservation.

Luggage and packages
Hand luggage must be carried on the passenger’s lap and must not take up space required for other passengers. Use of the trunk is not permitted.

Small pets
Small pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) are permitted to ride in the vehicle provided they are in a carrier or a cage.

Payment method

    • Monthly OPUS card – previously registered with CITSO;
    • Cash – in the taxibus; the driver will give change, where applicable;
    • The 10-trip tickets are not valid for the taxibus;
    • Passengers paying cash will be given a transfer by the bus or taxibus driver;
    • Paper tickets and 10-trip tickets are accepted, while supplies last or until stated otherwise by CITSO.

A sign in the taxi indicates it as a taxibus.

Service between stops
Passengers travelling alone at night who wish to get off the taxibus between two stops can ask the driver, who will determine whether he can stop his vehicle safely.

CITSO alone is authorized to handle passenger complaints about the taxibus service. Passengers can file a complaint in writing at our offices or by telephone at 450 698-3030 (during business hours).