Reduced fare

Carte OPUS tarif réduit

To pay the reduced fare : photo ID Opus card / Students and Seniors Age 65  and over.


The photo ID OPUS card entitles riders to pay the reduced fare on transit passes and tickets. This card is issued to all individuals who meet the eligibility criteria.

Students age 12 and over and enrolled as full-time students, as defined in the Act respecting financial assistance for education expenses (RSQ, c.A-13.3), at a teaching institution recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS), and seniors age 65 and over must fill out the form as follows :

Cost of card
Validity period
Documents required
Students age 12-14
2 years
Form filled out by the student and piece of ID
Students age 15
1 year
Form filled out by the student and piece of ID
Students age 16+
1 an
Form filled out by the student with school seal or signature of school representative, and piece of ID
Seniors age 65+
7 years
Form filled out by the applicant and piece of ID

Students with a valid opus card

You must renew your $15 student card each school year before October 31. For students age 16 and over, the form MUST bear the school seal or the signature of a school representative. You must also carry a piece of ID at all times.

Students age 26 and over (full time)

You are entitled to pay the reduced fare only on the CIT du Sud-Ouest territory.

Required ID

After having filled out the form, go to a service point with one of the following pieces of ID: birth certificate, passport, health insurance card (RAMQ), or driver’s license. You must first have filled out the form available at Opus Form, at our offices, or at any of our points of sale.



Pdf Formulaire Carte OPUS Print and fill out the reduced fare form and bring it to our office.